Tropico Dive Site

Tropico Dive Site, our house reef is home to Giant Knob Coral structures. These giant coral are 3 to 5 meter deep. Several thousand years old. They provide shelter for many species of tropical fish to hide in and lay their eggs.  The Knob Coral here literally emanates fish daily. A birthing place, teeming with life. Many species of Nudibranchs can always be found at the Tropico Dive Site. Dives are 4 meters to 20 meters. At 20 meters the coral stops and turns into a sandy bottom. The giant corals at Tropico Dive Site are in 5 separate blocks and can be seen in 3 dives, spanning a 500 meter length.


Tropico Dive Site is a perfect place to take your PADI Scuba Diving courses.  We have our own private beach.  Tropico Dive Site is a flat shoreline, gradually sloping down from 1 meter to 14 meters across a 100 meter length.  Tropico Scuba Diving Resort has built sea walls to protect our beach from current and creates pool like conditions. The shallow area is much larger than a swimming pool and allows Discover Scuba and Open Water students easy entry and the ability to begin learning skills in shallow water and gradually going deeper as skills develop.

Tropico Dive Site gradually goes down steeper after the 14 meter depth to 40 meters. From the Hotel and resort we have over 45 dive sites within a 1 hour range on our boat. Dive Sites include Negros, Cebu, and Sumilon Islands.  Both Eastern and Western shores.   Eastern shores consisting of more macro species and hard corals, and Western shores more soft corals and the species that live with them.  Diversity of marine life is found from Tropico Scuba Diving Resorts dive boat "The Reckoning" .  PADI Advanced Courses are easily accommodated here. PADI Advanced Courses can be done at Tropico Scuba Diving Resort Dumaguete in only 2 days

House Reef