Dry Dock Dive Site

Dry Dock Dive Site , is literally just that. A dry dock. A steel structure used by a local ferry terminal and ship builder. The ferry terminal is actually the same ferry that brings many guests from Cebu to Negros.  The Dry Dock Dive Site is a boat dive. A back roll entry into 5 meters deep water. Then we slowly dive toward the Dry Dock Dive Site. The steel structure is almost 40 years old and has many macro species. Sea fans and coral growth provides a safe haven from local fishermen. Frog Fish, Nudibranchs, Sea Slugs, Scorpion Fish, Unicorn Fish and baby Sweet Lips can be found daily. After 12 meters Large schooling Bat Fish can be found to the bottom 18 meters. Trevally Sardines and a broad range of Macro species can be found here. Often there is a mild to strong current at this dive site. Long time Open Water divers with good buoyancy skills or Advanced Divers are recommended for this dive. PADI Advanced Courses can be done at Tropico Scuba Diving Resort Dumaguete in only 2 days.

Night Dives at the Dry Dock Dive Site often has squid, octopus, shrimp, cleaner crabs, decorative crabs and puffer fish.  Full moon night dives are excellent and many breeding specie have been recorded. Definitely bring your cameras for this PADI  Fun Dive.