Liloan Dive Site

Liloan Dive Site is a western shore on the most southern tip of Cebu Island. Our dive boat “The Reckoning” can get you there in 20 minutes from Tropico Scuba Diving Resort Dumaguete. The Reckoning dive boat is its own kind of adventure and the Liloan Dive Site is uniquely a Soft Coral Garden. The soft corals here are to many to list. full coverage coral on top of the reef, the garden is a plethora of growth. A beautiful dive site. From 5 meters to 10 meters the soft coral is stunning and we save it for the last dive of the day.

At 10 meters to a 20 meter depth the wall is loaded with many specie including Mantis Shrimp, Lobster, Moral Eels of many colors. Sea snakes, Nudibranchs, schooling Unicorn Fish and other specie. Whale Sharks have been seen going by. Seeing a Whale Shark in the wild is a bit more fun than in a feeding area full of tourists. This dive can be calm in a slack tide. High or Low tide. When the tide is rising or lowering currents are often strong at the Liloan Dive Site.  Advanced diver certifications are recommended. PADI Advanced Diver Courses are often taught at Tropico Scuba Diving Resort in 2 days. During our Advanced course we often recommend Drift Diver as one of the choices in the PADI Advanced Course. The Liloan Dive Site is named after the city there “Liloan” , which in Cebuano (the native language means) vortex or Maelstrom.  A Liloan is swirling seas.  This is caused by the narrowing of the Tanon Straight during times of high or low tide change.  Currents can be strong. With that said it is a must see dive site., excellent visibility and phenomenal soft corals and marine life.