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Our hotel and restobar is well suited for scuba divers, families, backpackers and other travellers on the go.

The restobar continues with our theme. From hamburgers and fries to local cuisine, our simple kitchen can feed guests in the bar or deliver to your room. The bar stocks local beers and a variety of cocktails. Television, movies, and music are always available. Your music our ours can be played at anytime thru the stereo., party lights music by the sea adds to alot of fun at the bar.

We have 4 guest rooms available. Two family rooms and two queen sized suites. The rooms are spacious and each features a large bathroom ., enough to accomodate a wheelchair to easily roll and spin around. Bathrooms are 2 meters wide by 5 meters long. Non slip coral floors, stone walls, and grab bars add to safety and keep with Tropico’s theme.

Tropico is a quite place to study your PADI dive course for the individual or can be LOUD, Its up to you. We cater to your group. Some guests my want to book 3 or 4 rooms and basically pirate the place. In this case Tropico becomes a your private resort during your groups stay.

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