Fast Craft Dive Site

Fast Craft Dive Site is a plethora of macro specie. Recommended for advanced divers and underwater photographers the Fast Craft Dive Site features Seahorses. A very shallow dive at 4 meters to 8 meters there are many posts at the terminal. Often with mild to medium currents good diving skill are necessary here. Frog Fish, Seahorses, Cleaner Crabs, Decorator Crabs, Nudibranchs, Cowri’s and other shell specie can often be seen., This is a perfect morning dive and an excellent night dive. During the full moon Seahorses are often flashing colors at night during the breeding., underwater lighting and video cameras recommended. At deeper depths schooling Trevally and yellow fins can often be found at the Fast Craft Dive Site. While in diving in Dumaguete these macro dives will be hard to beat. Excellent diving for the underwater photographers.

PADI Advanced Courses can be done at Tropico Scuba Diving Resort Dumaguete in only 2 days. Develop your skills and enjoy these dives after your PADI Advanced Course.